Bulk SMS.

We have incorporated Bulk SMS into our system for your convenience. This nifty feature enables you to send messages in bulk to all of your clients. Working on the same platform as the Short Code, you can use the data that you collected through the shortcode to send out Bulk Sms, or you can use any other database. Read more...


SMS Short Codes.

WHAT IS A SHORT CODE? An SMS Short Code is a 5 digit number used for competitions, marketing campaigns and advertising. You see short codes being used everywhere.

Eg. Sms CAR to 47070 or Sms LOTTO to 35050. Short Codes are used to build a legal databasis, track advertising campaigns, send information to clients, receive micropayments, sell songs, pictures, run competitions etc.  Read more...


SMS Marketing.

Online marketing is the creation of an online presence and the client’s ongoing online marketing strategy in terms of this presence. As with all of the CommCentriX services we understand the need for what we offer to deliver value to our clients. This offering consists of the following services: Read more...

About Commcentrix

We have actively been involved in the above for the past 5 years and have gathered a wealth of experience: Learning how to do things and of course how not to do things.

Our client engagement model is designed so that we have an understanding of our client's business, it's strategy online and of course their objectives and thus allowing us to ensure the best online services are provided to most accurately achieve these objectives. We pride ourselves on being able to fluently translate between the business goals and online requirements to ensure accurate definition, alignment and delivery of the required goals. The alignment is evaluated from business perspective ensuring the website and/or online marketing services are best suited to the specific business and it's goals.

If you identify any aspect of your organisation where we could add value please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your specific requirements.


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